Local Elected Officials

Local Elected Official (LEO) Board

The Local Elected Official (LEO) Board consists of one County Commissioner from each of our nine counties. The LEO Board serves, along with the Workforce Development Board (WDB), as the oversight body and ensures fiscal accountability of the CPWDC. The LEO Board have a crucial role in identifying and appointing the most qualified individuals to serve as members of the WDB.

In order to facilitate collaboration, the LEO Board meets quarterly in conjunction with the WDB.

*Local Elected Official Board Member

Centre CountySteve Dershem*

Chris Exarchos

Michael Pipe

Clinton Conty

Joel Long

Robert “Pete” Smeltz*

Jeffrey Snyder

Columbia County

Dave Kovach*

Rich Ridgway

Chris Young

Lycoming County

Ernest Larson

Jeff Rauff*

Jeff Wheeland

Mifflin County

Kevin Kodish

Otis Riden*

Mark Sunderland

Montour CountyTrevor Finn*

Jack Gerst

Jerry Ward

Northumberland County

Stephen Bridy

Vinny Clausi

Richard Shoch*

Snyder County

Malcolm Derk*

Joe Kantz

Peggy Chamberlain Roup

Union County

Preston Boop

John Mathias*

John Showers