Over 4,000 Individuals Hold WorkKeys® Career Readiness Certificates

Central Pennsylvania Workforce Development Corporation issued its 4,000th WorkKeys® Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) on May 3, 2011. Over 4,000 individuals across Central Pennsylvania hold nationally recognized credentials demonstrating their workplace skills.  

In 2006 CPWDC responded to the requests of local employers to help them better screen potential and current employees by introducing WorkKeys® Career Readiness Assessments developed by ACT™. Central PA CareerLink® locations offer WorkKeys® assessments to individuals and employers accessing a wide array of employment and training services. WorkKeys® measures basic foundational skills needed to effectively perform a job and the WorkKeys® CRC provides a snapshot of an individual’s skill levels in the areas of Mathematics, Reading for Information and Locating Information.  

WorkKeys® documents outcomes by awarding certificates. The certificates begin with the highest performing level of Platinum, followed by Gold, Silver and Bronze. Platinum certificate skill levels align with nearly 99% of the 17,000+ occupations that have been profiled by ACT™ to determine specific skills needed to perform that job. A Gold certificate aligns with 90%, Silver at 65% and Bronze with 35% of the occupations profiled. In 2007 77% of individuals assessed in Central PA earned a Silver certificate or higher; by 2010 that number increased to 93%.

The number of Central PA employers that recognize or request the WorkKeys® CRC as part of their hiring and promotion practices has increased from less than 100 in 2007 to nearly 500 today. For a complete list of employers endorsing WorkKeys® click here.

For more information about how WorkKeys® can help you as an individual seeking employment and/or training services please click here or for employers seeking better qualified employees please click here.