Who We Are

The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 and now the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act of 2014 (WIOA) provides federal funding for workforce development nationwide. Under WIOA, Pennsylvania’s Governor designates local workforce development areas, each of which has a Workforce Development Board (WDB) that oversees the public workforce system.

Central Pennsylvania Workforce Development Corporation (CPWDC), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is the local Workforce Development Board (WDB) for the Central Pennsylvania Region.

Our MISSION is to be the leading vehicle for regional unification, coordination, integration and alignment of workforce activities, resources and initiatives to support economic sustainability, improve education systems and develop and retain a quality labor force in Central Pennsylvania.

Our VISION is to be recognized as the premiere agency for workforce development strategies and activities and to build the capacity of the workforce system through systematic change, integration of resources and continuous improvement in Central Pennsylvania.


CPWDC is committed to the development and unification of a demand-driven workforce system that will attract and grow businesses and the Central Pennsylvania economy. To accomplish this we:

  • Bring together policy makers, business, organized labor, government agencies, education entities, economic development agencies and the public to better understand workforce needs and to identify solutions.
  • Develop and implement comprehensive regional strategies to meet the education and job training needs of the workforce.
  • Oversee PA CareerLink® locations located throughout the Central Pennsylvania Region to provide a variety of services to employers and individuals seeking employment opportunities.
  • Collect and analyze labor market information to identify employment trends, skills gaps and education and training needs and disseminate the information to policy makers, educators, business, PA CareerLink® partners and job seekers.
  • Strengthen alliances with economic development to identify and address the workforce needs of current and future industries and promote the availability of Central Pennsylvania’s qualified workers.
  • Ensure that youth have access to opportunities in education, career exploration and meaningful work experiences.
  • Promote strategies to improve education levels and basic workplace skills needed to meet the needs of companies and improve their competitiveness in today’s marketplace.
  • Support strategies that encourage life-long learning and continuous improvement of workplace skills.
  • Advocate for the importance of workforce policy and provide perspective about the need for a skilled workforce.


Individuals, regardless of their education level, training background, work experience, or current status of employment, who are looking for opportunities to improve their employment prospects. Specialized services are available for Dislocated Workers, Mature Workers, People with Disabilities, Public Assistance Recipients, Veterans and Youth.

Employers, regardless of the size of their workforce, their business industry or their current hiring status.


We realize that in order to achieve our mission, we have to look beyond our nine-county region. While our focus remains on workforce development in Central Pennsylvania, our region will inevitably be impacted by state and national trends. With this big picture thinking, CPWDC actively participates in and contributes to state and national programs, organizations and initiatives. Two examples for how CPWDC is contributing to workforce development:


One program initiative in CPWDC’s strategic plan is the embedding of the WorkKeys® Foundation Skills Assessments into the PA CareerLink® offices to aid in identification of workforce talent and investment in workforce training needs. In 2006, CPWDC began introducing the program, process and benefits to businesses and individual job seekers.

In 2011, CPWDC, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, led the statewide initiative to incorporate WorkKeys in all PA CareerLink® offices by facilitating a comprehensive training of PA CareerLink® staff and Local Workforce Development Board staff.


CPWDC continually shares ideas with Workforce Development Boards (WDBs) across the nation. Although each WDB faces unique challenges, whether it is immediate industry needs, workforce demographics or barriers to employment, there are common threads that run throughout.

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