Right to Know Law

Pennsylvania’s Right-To-Know law, as signed February 14, 2008 became effective January 1, 2009.  The law fundamentally changed the way any party can request access to records that are deemed public from governmental or other agencies that are defined under the law.  The new law created the Office of Open Records to help implement and enforce Act 3 of 2008. Click here to visit the Office of Open Records website.

The law requires that an Agency publicly post certain information. Section 504 of the law states that the following information shall be posted at each Agency and, if the Agency maintains a website, on the agency’s website:

  • For more information about the Right-to-Know law, click here.
  • To file a request for information, click here for a downloadable form.
  • For questions regarding the regulations or a copy of CPWDC’s policies and procedures relating to the Right-to-Know law, please contact Erica Mulberger at emulberger@cpwdc.org, CPWDC Executive Director/Right to Know Officer.