CPWDC views the employer as a primary customer of the workforce system. We serve as the point of contact for all your workforce needs. We can help connect you to the programs and coordinate the services that address your specific workforce needs and provide the most benefit for your organization.

We work extensively with Central Pennsylvania employers to gather information, such as skills needs and employment opportunities, which shape our programs and services to prepare the workforce. We value strong employer relationships that foster the open sharing of relevant data that allows us to continually evaluate and proactively respond to employers’ changing workforce needs.

Our goal is to help businesses compete and succeed by assisting with one of their most important activities: recruiting, training, and retaining a skilled and productive workforce. Concentrating our resources on employers offering growth opportunities and family sustaining wages, CPWDC provides assistance through Industry Partnerships and Customized Services for Employers.

Industry Partnerships

Industry Partnerships bring multiple employers and workers together to collaborate on strategies to improve the competitiveness of companies or organizations that produce similar products or services and that share similar supply chains, common human resource needs, or retention and recruitment challenges.

CPWDC’s active coordination of Industry Partnership activities provides resources and opportunities for companies to identify common workforce needs, develop incumbent worker training and devise strategic project support. The long-term goal for the Industry Partnership initiative is to enhance the skills of the Central Pennsylvania workforce, which will in turn improve productivity and quality of service, and ultimately result in higher business revenues, higher worker earnings, and a strong regional economy.

CPWDC can connect your company to business and industry associations and other resources that can strengthen your organization. Learn more about how your organization can benefit from and contribute to the Central Pennsylvania Industry Partnerships.

Customized Services for Employers

CPWDC, with its extensive experience in the operation, management and oversight of workforce development programs, built the PA CareerLink® system across the nine-county region with a focus on service to employers and relevance to industry. We concentrate our resources on providing customized services to employers that offer growth opportunities and family sustainable wages.

The Central Region PA CareerLink® utilizes a team of staff to engage employers across the Region and provides an array of Employer Services to assist businesses of any size. Many of these valuable services are offered to employers at no charge.

Employer Services Representatives work one-on-one with employers to customize services to meet the specialized requests of any business. An Employer Services Representative can meet with employers at the PA CareerLink® or at the employer’s place of business. Locate the PA CareerLink® near you to schedule an appointment.

Job Postings

PA CareerLink® can assist employers of any size to reduce hiring costs and time-to-hire cycles by matching qualified candidates with open job postings.

  • Market your current job openings on PA CareerLink®. Posting current job openings on the job board can be completed by the employer or the employer can request that the information is posted by PA CareerLink® staff.
  • Use the PA CareerLink® on-line job board to gain access to thousands of qualified workers. Employers can review resumes directly or they can ask PA CareerLink® staff to pre-screen candidates based on the employer’s criteria.
  • PA CareerLink® Employer Services Representatives will work with you to maximum visibility and match qualified candidates to result in a quick response to your open job postings.

Recruitment and Placement Support

A wide range of employment-related services to help employers locate, recruit, screen and hire qualified candidates are available and customizable to meet the individual needs of any employer. PA CareerLink® offers:

  • Access to qualified applicants
  • Job matching of skilled workers to meet employer demands
  • Screening and referral of qualified candidates
  • Assessment of job candidates’ skills and aptitudes
  • Small and large-scale recruitment activities
  • Help with planning and hosting company job fairs
  • Use of private rooms to conduct interviews

Employee Training and Talent Development Services

A key element to business success is the productivity of a trained workforce. We are committed to working with employers to build a stronger workforce that meets the demands and needs of any business and supports economic development. Available services and programs include:

  • Assistance in determining specific training needs
  • WorkKeys® Career Readiness Assessments used to appraise and upgrade employees’ skills to promote retention of valued employees or prepare new employees (Service fees apply.)
  • WorkKeys®Job Profiling used to identify the skills and skill levels required to effectively perform a specific job. (Service fees apply.)
  • On-the-Job Training programs
  • Referrals to Eligible Training Providers
  • Incumbent Worker Training

If your business is interested in providing intership opportunities for college students, visit InternsPlus to learn more about how the on-line resource can help you attract potential candidates.

Business Trends and Analysis

As a service to help business make decisions, grow, and succeed in Central Pennsylvania, PA CareerLink® can provide Labor Market Information, such as comparative wage data, demographic profiles and industry projections.

CPWDC’s Dashboard of Workforce Indicators provides current data relevant to Central Pennsylvania.

If you are seeking to establish, expand or relocate your business to Central Pennsylvania, CPWDC can provide comprehensive and customized research and analysis using the most up-to-date information, including industry trends and pertinent economic forecasts, to help you make strategic decisions. For more information contact the CPWDC Research Department.

Pre-Layoff Assistance

A skilled team of PA CareerLink® staff are prepared to provide Rapid Response services to businesses that are in transition mode due to layoffs or plant closures. The primary objective is to provide workers with resources and services that will aide them in finding new jobs or helping them get the training and education needed for a new career.

To find out more about how we can help you and your employees during a transition, contact the Rapid Response Coordination Services (RRCS) Regional Representative for the county where your business is located.










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Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Equal Opportunity Employer.
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