Workforce Training Provider

CPWDC is committed to improving education systems and developing and retaining a quality labor force in Central Pennsylvania. We work to continually identify the types of trainings that are of most value to employers and that are available within Central Pennsylvania to ensure that our citizens have access to education and training opportunities that will lead to careers in high growth industries that provide family-sustaining wages.

CPWDC works with institutions of higher education, including community colleges and career and technical centers, to catalogue course availability, open enrollment and capacity to assess where additional capacity for key training programs may be required to support the education and training needs in Central Pennsylvania.

Individual Training Account (ITA)

For individuals interested in pursuing education and training, CPWDC can issue an Individual Training Account (ITA) for eligible PA CareerLink® participants to help finance training services. ITA recipients may only purchase training services from an Eligible Training Provider.

Eligible Training Programs/Providers (ETPP)

Pennsylvania’s Eligible Training Programs/Providers List was established in compliance with the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) to ensure participant access to a variety of quality training programs. Eligible Training Providers qualify to receive WIA funds for approved training programs.

Training Providers and their programs must meet the following criteria for inclusion on the ETPP list:

  • Facility must meet one of fourteen (14) Certification Categories;
  • Facility must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990;
  • Courses/programs must be available to the general public;
  • Courses/programs must train for High Priority Occupations; and
  • Courses/programs must meet established performance levels.

A course/program of study includes:

  • One or more courses or classes that, upon successful completion, leads to a certificate, diploma, associate degree, bachelor’s degree; or
  • A competency or skill recognized by employers; or
  • A training regimen that provides individuals with additional skills or competencies generally recognized by employers; or
  • Resident, correspondence, or telecommunication instruction (i.e., distance learning or online), to prepare individuals to pursue a field of study basd on customer choice; and meet established performance levels.

Become an Eligible Training Provider

For more information about the certification process:

Resources for Eligible Training Providers

The following documents are provided to assist in the administration of WIA funded trainings provided by Eligible Training Providers serving Central PA CareerLink® customers. If you should have any questions regarding the ITA process, please contact CPWDC (

Coming soon: Sample Training Voucher, Modification Form