Labor Market Reports

February 2021 Labor Market Reports

Each month, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry releases the state and county-based unemployment rates. CPWDC analyzes the seasonally adjusted data and provides detailed reports that put unemployment into a local perspective.

Note: March 2021 source data will be released on April 27, 2021.

The Monthly Labor Market Status report compares each of the components of the labor force (size of labor force, employed, unemployed and the unemployment rate) to the previous month and previous year and provides details on what is behind the changes. Click here to view the report.

The Unemployment Rate Rankings report ranks each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties and each of the 22 Workforce Development Boards based on their monthly unemployment rates. Click here to view the report.

The Labor Market Summary highlights the most important details. Click here to view the report.

Understanding Labor Market Information: Unemployment Rates WEBINAR: How is the unemployment rate calculated? Who is counted in the labor force? Find answers to these and other labor market information related questions through a recorded webinar that takes you step by step through CPWDC’s Labor Market Status and Unemployment Rate Rankings reports.

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Economic Outlook

The Economic Outlook report highlights the most current labor market data for the Nation, State, and Central Pennsylvania. National data is always one month ahead of the smaller areas. Click here to view the Economic Outlook report.

Online Job Postings Analysis

How many online job postings are in Central PA? Which employers and occupations have the most postings? The Online Job Postings Analysis report identifies potential job opportunities in Central Pennsylvania. Click here to view the Online Job Postings Analysis report.

Which employers and occupations have the highest number of new online job postings in Central PA over the past 30 days? Click here to view the New Online Job Postings report.

Regional Demographics

The diverse characteristics of our nine-county region are illustrated through a statistical snapshot of selected economic and demographic data. Click here to view the regional demographic profile.

County Demographic Profiles:

Literacy Data

There is a growing interest in understanding the literacy of a given population and how that relates to poverty, earnings, and educational attainment.  Click here to view a report for the nine-county Central Pennsylvania region.


How much does an individual need to earn in order to pay for life’s basic expenses without government assistance? The Self-Sufficiency Report, prepared in 2008, compares the costs based on family size and geography in categories like housing, food, child care. Click here to read the entire report. CPWDC utilizes the wage based on one parent and one pre-school aged child.

Youth County Profiles

Where do youth work? What types of industries are more likely to hire younger workers? Does more education really pay? These county-specific handouts are designed to provide information on employment trends for youth up to age 24. Click here to view the profiles for each county.

Fast Facts

What types of career opportunities are available in Central Pennsylvania? Want to learn more about the growth potential and occupations in the region’s targeted industry clusters? Click here to view the Fast Facts sheets.

Migration Patterns

Are there more people moving into Central Pennsylvania counties?  Are there more leaving?  How does this relate to age, education, and income? Click here to learn more by reading the Central Pennsylvania Migration Patterns report.

  • Updated County Migration Patterns – the latest update shows in-migration and out-migration patterns by county. A summary comparing results by county is provided at the end to determine net-migration patterns.

Commuting Patterns

How many workers in Central Pennsylvania also live in Central Pennsylvania? How many local residents work outside of the region? Click here to learn more about workers who travel between counties for employment.

Statewide Tools

The following reports highlight Pennsylvania’s labor market and economic data sets.  If you are interested in seeing similar indicators at the county or regional level, please contact the research department to discuss your ideas.

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry’s Center for Workforce Information and Analysis (CWIA) produces a Monthly WorkStats publication focuses on monthly updates to Current Employment Statistics, Local Area Unemployment Statistics, Unemployment Compensation, and Pennsylvania Employer Activities.

The Quarterly WorkStats publication focuses on quarterly updates to Industries of Interest, New Hires, and Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages.

CWIA also produces a monthly Civilian Labor Force Series Packet.

Based on employers that are covered by the federal or state unemployment compensation (UC) system, CWIA produces a quarterly listing of the top 50 employing companies in each county. Click here to visit CWIA’s webpage to access the top 50 employers by county.

CWIA produces an annul publication that is designed to assist those exploring careers and making decisions about post-secondary education, training and work. Click here to access the latest Career Guide.