Tips for Educators

Incorporate WorkKeys into the curriculum.

High schools can administer WorkKeys assessments at the beginning of 9th or 10th grade and place students in the appropriate coursework. With the help of school counselors, students can begin career exploration early and achieve the skill levels they need by graduation.

WorkKeys post-testing can be done in 11th or 12th grade. Using the same assessments in pre- and post-testing shows the direct relationship of curriculum impact and student learning.

Help students use their WorkKeys scores.

Offer students tips for using WorkKeys scores in real-life situations.

Encourage students to browse the WorkKeys scores needed for different careers to help them figure out what WorkKeys skill levels are required for the jobs that interest them.

Encourage students to create an account on the MyWorkKeys website.

Implement or participate in a National Career Readiness Certificate program.

Use WorkKeys scores to provide support and direction for decisions about continuing education beyond high school.

Teach workplace skills in the classroom.

Use WorkKeys to reinforce the value of having solid workplace skills. Encourage positive workplace attitudes.

Be able to explain what WorkKeys scores mean.

The scores are determined by the number of questions that are answered correctly. There is no penalty for guessing. The skill level descriptions describe the skills that are achieved and can apply on the job or in training.

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