Job Analysis Skill Benchmarks

Jobs Analysis Skill Benchmarks
Obtain Skill Benchmarks for your Company

WorkKeys® Job Analysis identifies the skills employees need to be successful on the job. We offer two different job analysis options to assist with hiring, promotion and training.

Job Profiling
An authorized WorkKeys®  Job Profiler works collaboratively with groups of your employees to complete the job analysis. Job incumbents serve as the subject matter experts who define the tasks and skills needed to perform a specific job successfully. Job Profiling consists of a task analysis to select the tasks most critical to the job and skill analysis to identify the skills and skill levels required to enter the job and perform effectively, and meet requirements adopted by the EEOC.

This easy-to-use web-based process makes job analysis quick and comprehensive. SkillMap® gathers information about job requirements from employees who review tasks from the O*NET™ database to develop a list of tasks that describe the job. SkillMap uses their input to identify the WorkKeys®  skills and skill levels needed for effective job performance. Employees can participate during the times that suit their work schedules with a computer and Internet access SkillMap® meets requirements adopted by the EEOC.

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