Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve used your math skills, or worked with graphs and charts…or perhaps you have a little test anxiety and would be more comfortable finding out how you might do on the WorkKeys® assessment before taking it. WIN can help!

The WIN Career Readiness Courseware is an interactive online study guide that will help you brush up on those skills that you will need to successfully complete the WorkKeys® assessments. Developed by curriculum design specialists, and piloted through a major university, the WIN Career Readiness Courseware delivers skill-based training to improve workplace skills.

What Do I Have to Do?

When you are enrolled in the WIN Career Readiness Courseware, you’ll be asked to take three placement tests to assess your skills in the areas of Applied Mathematics, Locating Information and Reading for Information. These three placement tests are not timed. You will be asked a series of questions; once you answer a question incorrectly the test is done and you’ll be given a level score. Once you’ve taken the three placements tests, the WIN Career Readiness Courseware will identify where you should start. Each skill area has up to six or seven levels of remediation; your individual WIN plan will be linked to your career goals. Remediation consists of instructional material and several exercises in each level; once you’ve completed the exercises, a post-test, which is not timed, will show your progress. Successful completion of the post-test unlocks the next level of remediation.

Each Central PA CareerLink® location has access to the WIN Career Readiness Courseware and will be able to explain and get you started in the system, help you navigate through it to meet your individual needs and help you determine when you are ready to take the WorkKeys® assessments.

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