Bridges to the Future


Recruitment occurs each spring. Bridges to the Future aims to recruit youth who:

  • Are sophomores during Spring recruitment
  • Are committed to graduating from high school
  • Want support in developing post-high school goals and a career pathways plan
  • Demonstrate minimum employability and academic skills
  • Meet program eligibility and suitability


PA CareerLink® Youth Workforce Specialists will guide you through a series of activities and experiences to help you:

  • Learn about yourself, your interests and your skills
  • Explore careers and learn about occupational clusters
  • Gain volunteer and work experience
  • Make connections between the classroom and careers
  • Create a portfolio linked to your post-high school goal: post-secondary education or training, employment or military
  • Develop skills to obtain a job, keep a job and compete in today’s economy


Youth will participate in Bridges to the Future during the spring of sophomore year through graduation to prepare you for life after high school. Additionally, youth will commit to one year of follow-up services to receive assistance in the transition from high school to life after. The following activities and experiences will build on each other:

  • Monthly meetings and activities with your PA CareerLink® Workforce Specialist
  • Camp STEAM summer before your junior year
  • Summer work experience, internship or your own job before your senior year
  • Three (3) job shadow opportunities throughout your enrollment in the program
  • Placement assistance after high school graduation
  • At least 1 year of follow-up to make your transition successful


Most activities will take place at your school during a time that works best with your schedule and is permitted by your teachers. Other activities and experiences may occur at your local PA CareerLink® office or other location.


Bridges to the Future offers the following benefits:

  • A better understanding of who you are in relationship to career opportunities through self and career exploration
  • Encouragement to successfully complete high school
  • An action plan to enter college/training, employment or military after high school
  • Tools and resources to use on a lifelong career journey
  • Supplement services offered by school districts, social service agencies or other partners with a focus on workforce development


To refer youth or learn more about the program, contact your local PA CareerLink®.