In 2000, there were over 11,000 residents under the age of 25 in the Central Region who lack a high school diploma. The PAYT project is a region-wide effort to re-connect these youth to education and successful careers. While many youth services agencies are governed and operated on a county or state level, local collaboration is crucial for producing successful outcomes for these disconnected youth populations. CPWDC convened youth services providers in March and December of 2008 to strengthen and facilitate new local partnerships.

With funding from the PA Department of Labor and Industry, local research was conducted to better understand the issue surrounding youth and young adults who have dropped out and/or aged out. Please contact us at 570-568-6868 if you would like a copy of the following reports:

Increasing Education and Employment Outcomes for Youth in Transition – Research on School Dropouts and Youth Who Have Aged out of Foster Care in Central Pennsylvania CPWDC, in cooperation with Bloomsburg, Bucknell, Lock Haven, Penn State and Susquehanna Universities

Dropout Survey Project (survey and analysis of local dropouts) – Center for the Study of Community and the Economy, Lycoming College

Assessment of GED Services for Youth and Young Adults in Central Pennsylvania – Institute for the Study of Adult Literacy, Penn State University


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