Standing Committees

Six Standing Committees have been established to advise the Workforce Development Board (WDB). Each Standing Committee is chaired by a WDB member and includes WDB members and other partners, when deemed appropriate, and is staffed by an employee of CPWDC.

Each Standing Committee is charged with a specific role in the WDB’s long-term strategic planning and for ensuring alignment with State and Federal goals and principles.

Executive Committee, Jay Alexander, Chairperson

  • Consists of each of the WDB Officers, the Chairperson of each of the other five Standing Committees and other private sector members.
  • Responsible for decision-making and oversight in lieu of the quarterly WDB meetings.
  • Personnel Committee, a subcommittee of the Executive Committee, oversees CPWDC’s personnel policies.

Audit/Finance Committee, Jim Stopper, Chairperson

  • Guides CPWDC as the fiscal agent for Department of Labor and Industry and Department of Human Services funding for the PA CareerLinks® as well as other funding streams.
  • Develops annual budget that reflect the WDB’s strategic plan.
  • Ensures that  fiscal systems are operating correctly and efficiently.

Employer Strategies Committee, Chairperson (Vacant)

  • Utilizes regional input, including information from the Industry Partnerships and data-driven research from CPWDC and other resources, to identify strategic issues facing the Central Pennsylvania workforce.
  • Oversees the Industry Partnership resources and other competitive grants.
  • Conducts continued assessment of current and future economic and demographic trends.
  • Develops public relations protocols for increasing awareness of strategic workforce issues.

Governance Committee, Dean Girton, Chairperson

  • Provides oversight of WDB and Youth Council membership.
  •  Addresses appointments/re-appointments and vacancies with a strategic approach toward recruiting and recommending new members to the LEO Board for appointment.
  • Oversees the Board’s governance structure as outlined in CPWDC’s Bylaws and other governing documents.

Local Management Committee, Steve Bennett, Chairperson

  • This mandated committee oversees the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services EARN program design and performance measures.

Policy & Performance Committee, Jim Beamer, Chairperson

  • Guides and directs PA CareerLink® operations and ensures quality of service.
  • Establishes goals and performance measures for Central Region PA CareerLink® offices and alternative service locations.
  • Provides direction and develops policy regarding adult and dislocated worker programs.
  • Recommends the selection of adult program provider(s).
  • Develops benchmarks to measure the success of WIOA funded adult and dislocated worker programs.
  • Reviews and recommends occupations for the high priority occupations list.
  • Guides the approval of training providers for the Eligible Training Provider List based on performance.

Youth Council, Jay Alexander, Chairperson

  • Identifies initiatives focused on preparing all youth for education and employment.
  • Provides direction and develops policy regarding youth programs.
  • Recommends the selection of youth program provider(s).
  • Develops benchmarks to measure the success of WIOA funded youth programs.
  • Click here for more information on the Youth Council.