Now recruiting youth and young adults who

  • Are between the ages of 17 and 24
  • Have earned a High School Diploma or GED or are committed to earning a GED
  • Want support in developing a GET2WORK plan that may include career exploration, work experience, job search preparation and/or occupational skills training
  • Are unemployed or underemployed (working less than 20 hours per week, not using the skills acquired in college, earning minimum wage, etc.)


PA CareerLink® Staff will guide young adults through a series of individualized activities and experiences, based on their personal profile, to help them

  • Learn about themselves, their interests and their skills
  • Gain volunteer or work experience
  • Practice the valuable “soft skills” that every employer wants
  • Create a portfolio linked to their GET2Work plan: employment or occupational skills training
  • Develop skills to obtain a job, keep a job and compete in today’s economy


GET2WORK are scheduled regularly at local PA CareerLink® offices and provide opportunities for young adults to

  • Network with other young adults developing a GET2WORK plan
  • Learn about employment opportunities geared toward young adults
  • Connect to many valuable PA CareerLink® services
  • Meet one-on-one with staff to start developing next steps


Most activities will take place at a local PA CareerLink®.


GET2WORK offers the following benefits